Thursday, 2 March 2017

About Dr. Jerry Johnston

Dr. Jerry Johnston is a speaker, author, teacher, Transmedia consultant and fundraiser, filmmaker, and recent Launch Director of the Christian Thinkers Society (CTS) created by his son, Jeremiah Johnston. Since he first began preaching in 1974, Jerry Johnston has captivated churches and schools around the globe, discussing vital issues. Over time, Jerry Johnston had developed an interest and knowledge in media, building up his repertoire as a filmmaker and producer by appearing on scores of major TV shows, and producing videos for Word Publishing that were distributed to thousands of churches. This proficiency in media has allowed him and his wife, Cristie JoJohnston, to produce their newest documentary, And Then There Were Nones, which explores the phenomenon of the drastic increase on the religiously unaffiliated worldwide.

Ultimately, the Johnstons dream to build a School of Speaking, Teaching, Culture, and Media Excellence at Houston Baptist University. With the numerous lessons and experiences Jerry Johnston and his family have had at home and around the globe, they want to share them by crossing the digital divide, eventually creating an International Internet Church that helps others become the best they can be.

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